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In today’s challenging economy small business owners have to do a lot more with less resources and personnel. And while deploying technology has some benefits more and more privately held companies are looking to Pascarella & Associates to provide management services in the areas of accounting, bookkeeping, and tax preparation. In essense Pascarella & Associates takes these burdensome but important tasks off of the business owner, allowing him/her to focus on growing their business.

Business owners also need a long term plan for their estate planning and retirement, areas that Pascarella & Associates has a wealth of experience. They benefit from having a wealth management strategist as well as a paretner who can also counsel them in the business succession planning.

The full Scope of our Services Include:

Do you ever find yourself saying…
  • Filing our taxes is complicated, takes too long, and is confusing…
  • Our reserves are low… How will I pay for my return?
  • Where can I get help after the return or if there are problems?

Have you ever noticed how many tax offices are open only during the tax season? Pascarella & Associates offers counsel and support to its clients all year long and is continually involved with your tax and bookkeeping needs. If you have questions after tax season, we continue to work for you with convenient office hours or we can schedule to meet you at your office.

Are you aware that some preparers actually outsource the preparation of your return to a foreign country? Pascarella & Associates stays up to date on the U.S. tax regulations whereas foreign countries do not have the same security and privacy laws as the United States. You have no legal recourse should your information be compromised as a result of poor or nonexistent privacy procedures when your return is outsourced.

Pascarella & Associates does all of it’s work from our Somerset, NJ office.

The purpose of estate planning is to help us achieve our personal and family goals even after we die. Every individual has an estate, as you go through life and accumulate assets. Your automobile, your home, your business interests, your personal possessions, even your investments and bank accounts count as assets. The government taxes various assets and income streams throughout your life and taxes your assets upon your death.

Unfortunately death does not eliminate our tax obligations. Estate planning ensures that your wealth will go to those you want it to go to, so you can achieve your personal goals even after you are gone. And you can even significantly reduce the taxes paid to the government through proper estate planning, thus ensuring that your heirs get a larger inheritance.

Pascarella & Associateswill help insure that your affairs are arranged in proper order you will benefit by having a higher maximization of assets. We work with a reputable estate planning attorney to get your wills and financial instruments in order so you can pass through and avoid probate (taxes). And this is an ongoing process. We advise continually reviewing your estate plan, as changes in relationships or economic circumstances occur. They may also need to be changed as the tax laws change.

Remember – you must provide for yourself as well as for others for whom you are responsible. You must account for the possibility that you may die prematurely. Pascarella & Associates offers many different insurance strategies and instruments, the prominent way to manage the risk of premature death.

This is a process where the financial professionals at Pascarella & Associates will permit you to get your estate plan together. Having your affairs in order will provide a significant benefit to your family.

Retirement is often difficult to envision, especially with the day to day struggles of life, challenges of the job, and devotion to family. But most people recognize the need to plan for retirement if they expect to maintain a comfortable lifestyle after retirement.

Did you know that a study by a major financial institution found that people who planned for retirement had five times the assets of those who didn’t?

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions that we hear:
  • At what age should I start saving?
  • How should I invest the money for retirement?
  • Does my strategy need to change as events unfold?
  • How much money will I need to retire?
  • Won’t my Social Security be enough?
  • What if I can’t save enough? Can I get by on less?
  • Is there still time?
  • How do I determine when I can retire?

The process of saving for retirement is similar to the one necessary for starting a business- you need a vision and a plan. You need the advice, experience, and counsel of an outside expert who looks out for your long term interests in incubating your vision and molding that into your plan.

Pascarella & Associates is one of the leading companies in New Jersey, redefining financial security for its clients. Employing a strategy that has been proven over time we go beyond accumulation and protection to include income and enjoyment, Pascarella & Associates offers a compliment of products and services to help you achieve your goal of  retirement income security.

Schedule a complimentary, no-obligation consultation with Pascarella & Associates. We’ll discuss your  situation and your goals and mutually
determine a course of action that will best work for you.

Pascarella & Associates is affiliated with U.S. Mortgage and is able to assist you with finding and obtaining the right solution to your mortgage needs. Our experience working in this field will help you identfy your options, understand the requirements, and navigate the paperwork. Even in today’s challenging banking climate there are many options available.

Let Pascarella & Associates show you which option is the best fit for your needs.


Pascarella & Associates is in the business of helping businesses. Our approach to payroll services means no more checks to write; your account is paid automatically each month. You’ll never need to worry about delinquent bills, postage, or the cost to get to an APS office to make your payment. Your money stays in your bank account until the payment due date.  Click here to learn more about our payroll services solution.